Delta vs Modesto Dual

Posted: September 29, 2012 in News and Views

Delta 18 vs Modesto 36

125 – Hoa Le vs Forieit
133 – Aaron Ceballos vs Forfiet
141 – Atom Garcia vs Jason Cortes Cortes wins 6-1
149 – Forfeit vs Adam Lagos
157 – Darrell Sapaindante vs Eric Munoz Munoz winner by pin
165 – Cameron McLeod vs Forfiet
174 – James Patel vs George Miranda Miranda winner by pin
184 – Rafeal Mendoza vs Eric Gomez Gomez winner by pin
197 – Stephen Whiteman vs Ryan Mackey Mackey winner 3-1
Hwt – Jose Cisneros vs Trvis Smith Smith winner by pin


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