2012 State Championship Place Winners

Posted: December 10, 2012 in News and Views, State Championship News

1st Place – Andres Torres (Santa Rosa JC)
2nd Place – Edward Estevez (Palomar College)
3rd Place – Gabe Ballesteros (Cerritos College)
4th Place – Christian Betancort (Mt San Antonio College)
5th Place – Chris Martinez (Fresno City College)
6th Place – Silverio Esparza (West Hills College)
7th Place – Matthew Correa (Cuesta College
8th Place – Dieuminse Dore (Lassen College)

1st Place – Juan Jaime (Santa Ana College)
2nd Place – Aj Valles (Fresno City College)
3rd Place – Emilio Rivera (Palomar College)
4th Place – Sean Melton (Sacramento City College)
5th Place – Rudy Delgado (Cerritos College)
6th Place – Aaron Ceballos (Delta College)
7th Place – Darrin Salazar (West Hills College)
8th Place – Travis Roberts (Sierra College)

1st Place – Abel Avila (Rio Hondo College)
2nd Place – Racelis Cardenas (Fresno City College)
3rd Place – Michael Ruiz (West Hills College)
4th Place – Enrique Barajas (Sacramento City College)
5th Place – Anthony Rubio (Chabot College)
6th Place – Steven Melara (Mt San Antonio College)
7th Place – Max Ramirez (Bakersfield College)
8th Place – Michael Behnke (Cerritos College)

1st Place – Spencer Hill (Fresno City College)
2nd Place – Bryant Wood (Sacramento City College)
3rd Place – Nathan Mateo (Santa Ana College)
4th Place – Jacob Dunning (Palomar College)
5th Place – Dolin Mininni (Cuesta College)
6th Place – Jose Rugama (Mt San Antonio College)
7th Place – Ryan Steibar (Bakersfield College)
8th Place – Blake Borges (Santa Rosa JC)

1st Place – Brady Bersano (Fresno City College)
2nd Place – Tyson Kuahine (Sacramento City College)
3rd Place – Alexander Cruz (Mt San Antonio College)
4th Place – Jacob Blackwell (Santa Ana College)
5th Place – Bryan Barocio (Rio Hondo College)
6th Place – Francisco Rueda (West Hills College)
7th Place – Robert Mata (Palomar College)
8th Place – Zach Grove (Skyline College)

1st Place – Matt Hickman (Fresno City College)
2nd Place – Carlos Arana (Santa Ana College)
3rd Place – Michael Joseph (Palomar College)
4th Place – Owen Craugh (Lassen College)
5th Place – Nathan Zarate (West Hills College)
6th Place – Jonathan Urango (Cuesta College)
7th Place – Shawn Porter (Sacramento City College)
8th Place – Sergio Guerrero (Mt San Antonio College)

1st Place – Ryan McWatters (Victor Valley College)
2nd Place – Kevin Corbett (Fresno City College)
3rd Place – Tyler Brown (Sacramento City College)
4th Place – Joshua Newman (East LA College)
5th Place – Broderick Goens (Mt San Antonio College)
6th Place – Quinten Becker (Sierra College)
7th Place – Tyree Cox (Cerritos College)
8th Place – Awaad Yasin (Santa Ana College)

1st Place – Kenneth Breaux (Mt San Antonio College)
2nd Place – Erick Gomez (Modesto JC)
3rd Place – Will Gockel-Figge (Fresno City College)
4th Place – Middlebrooks (East LA College)
5th Place – Angelo Travino (Sierra College)
6th Place – Tommy Howard (Skyline College)
7th Place – Michael Anderson (West Hills College)
Juan Hernandez (Santa Ana College)

1st Place – Khymba Johnson (Sierra College)
2nd Place – Paul Lujano (Fresno City College)
3rd Place – Matt Reed (Palomar College)
4th Place – Ryan Mackey (Modesto JC)
5th Place – Tyler Smith (Cerritos College)
6th Place – Jared Matanane (Mt San Antonio College)
7th Place – Henry Campos (West Hills College)
8th Place – Derek Jaurigue (Cuesta College)

1st Place – Daniel Gusev (Sierra College)
2nd Place – Derrick Lee (West Hills College)
3rd Place – Mike Branson (Shasta College)
4th Place – Ari Ekezian (Santa Ana College)
5th Place – Travis Smith (Modesto JC)
6th Place – Julian Zuniga (East LA College)
7th Place – Weston Hawkins (Cerritos College)
8th Place – Paul Buchanan (Sacramento City College)

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