Sac City edges Fresno City to win the North Regionals

Posted: December 8, 2013 in News and Views, Tournament & Dual Meet News
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CCCAA Wrestling Northern California Regional Championships
Hosted by Sierra College, Rocklin, CA


Weight: 125
1st: Arnlfo Olea, Fresno City College
2nd: Dieuminse Dore, Lassen College
3rd: Albert Landeros, Sac City College
4th: Robert Smith, Santa Rosa College
5th: Daniel Nguyen, Chabot College
6th: Joey Vigil, Sierra College

Weight: 133
1st: Brian Ha, Skyline College
2nd: Vincent Hernandez, Fresno City College
3rd: Aaron PenKruger, Santa Rosa College
4th: Anthony Sakaoka, Sac City College
5th: Logan Fore, Santa Rosa College
6th: Brady Howell, Lassen College

Weight: 141
1st: Ali Naser, Fresno City College
2nd: Adrian Gomez, Fresno City College
3rd: Laith Alnassiri, Sac City College
4th: Carson Homuth, Modesto College
5th: Quinn Walker, Sierra College
6th: Kenji Gutierrez, Santa Rosa College

Weight: 149
1st: Martine Sandoval, Fresno City College
2nd: Joseph Ontiveras, Fresno City College
3rd: Will Upson, Sac City College
4th: Monet Goldman, Skyline College
5th: Jacob Pratt, Chabot College
6th: Rogelio Bravo, Delta College

Weight: 157
1st: Taylor Hodel, Sac City College
2nd: Austin Braddock, Fresno City College
3rd: Daniel Larman, Santa Rosa College
4th: Latrell Benjamin, Modesto College
5th: Alex Grijalba, Modesto College
6th: Jeiko Da Silvera, Lassen College
True 6th place Zack Grove, Skyline College

Weight: 165
1st: Desi Rios, Sac City College
2nd: Tyson Kuahine, Sac City College
3rd: Robin Callas, Sierra College
4th: Sabastian Suikowsky, Fresno City College
5th: Dane Burgess, Chabot College
6th: Antoine Lopes, Delta College
True 6th place Kaden Martin, Santa Rosa Junior College

Weight: 174
1st: Kevin Corbett, Fresno City College
2nd: Alex Campos-Chambers, Sac City College
3rd: Jesse McDaniel, Modesto College
4th: Oscar Flores, Sierra College
5th: Isai Guzman, Santa Rosa College
6th: Robert Uhalde, Chabot College

Weight: 184
1st: Thomas Cross, Shasta College
2nd: Allen Emmons, Sac City College
3rd: Ryan Mackey, Modesto College
4th: Kenny Steers, Sac City College
5th: Preston Hill, Fresno City College
6th: Keith Wanger, Sierra College

Weight: 197
1st: Hudson Buck, Sac City College
2nd: Jairo Chavez, Sierra College
3rd: Luke Brewer, Modesto College
4th: Ismael Alvarez, Fresno City College
5th: Jordan Davis, Sierra College
6th: Stephen Wilbert, Lassen College

Weight: 285
1st: Mike Branson, Shasta College
2nd: Travis Smith, Modesto College
3rd: Logan Paxton, Sac City College
4th: Narsico Juarez, Fresno City College
5th: Buddy Barraza, Chabot College
6th: Chris Vasquez, Sierra College

Team Scores

1 187.50 Sac City College
2 180.50 Fresno City College
3 98.50 Modesto College
4 95.00 Sierra College
5 79.50 Santa Rosa College
6 56.50 Chabot College
7 39.00 Shasta College
8 37.00 Lassen College
9 36.50 Skyline College
10 22.50 Delta College

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