California JC State Medalists

Posted: December 14, 2014 in News and Views, State Championship News

2014 California Community College State Wrestling Championship, Hosted by Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, California – December 13th, 2014

Medal Winners

Weight Class: 125
1st Place – Arnulfo Olea Fresno City
2nd Place – Adrian Camposano Fresno City
3rd Place – Gio Castillo Mt. SAC
4th Place – Silverio Esparza West Hills
5th Place – Ritchie Taira Mt. SAC
6th Place – Gary Howe Cerritos
7th Place – Darren Nguyen Chabot
8th Place – Marcos Velasquez Bakersfield

Weight Class: 133
1st Place – Dustin Kirk Cerritos
2nd Place – Alberto Garcia Palomar
3rd Place – Albert Landeros Sacramento City
4th Place – Travis Roberts Sierra
5th Place – Vicente Hernandez Fresno City
6th Place – Ronald Collister Santa Ana
7th Place – Arik Onsurez Bakersfield
8th Place – Anwar Halteh Skyline

Weight Class: 141
1st Place – Terrill Sidner Mt. SAC
2nd Place – Connor Pollock Cuesta
3rd Place – Isiah Alva Fresno City
4th Place – Jonas Gaytan Fresno City
5th Place – Daniel Romero Rio Hondo
6th Place – Trent Nicholson Sierra
7th Place – Lake Gee Sacramento City
8th Place – Dominic Cesena Chabot

Weight Class: 149
1st Place – Aj McKee Cerritos
2nd Place – Anthony Rubio Chabot
3rd Place – Brian Sergi Sacramento City
4th Place – Joaquin Collister Santa Ana
5th Place – Ivan Govea Fresno City
6th Place – Johnny Callas Cuesta
7th Place – Rogelio Bravo San Joaquin Delta
8th Place – Justin Hill Lassen

Weight Class: 157
1st Place – Keanu Tom Cerritos
2nd Place – Adrian Gomez Fresno City
3rd Place – Joseph Magdaleno-Hudson East LA
4th Place – Richard Miranda Santa Ana
5th Place – Sean Raftery Lassen
6th Place – George Medina Mt. SAC
7th Place – Vincent Gomez Bakersfield
8th Place – John Sinclair Cuesta

Weight Class: 165
1st Place – Victor Pereira Chabot
2nd Place – Daniel Allen Rio Hondo
3rd Place – Eric Roberts Santa Ana
4th Place – Adrian Herrera East LA
5th Place – Peter Donchev Palomar
6th Place – Joseph Else Cuesta
7th Place – Adam Busch Sacramento City
8th Place – Erik Colin Palomar

Weight Class: 174
1st Place – Mo Naser Fresno City
2nd Place – Zack Wally Chabot
3rd Place – Dylan Clarke Cerritos
4th Place – Kolton Martin Mt. SAC
5th Place – Cesar Luna Bakersfield
6th Place – Micah Macias Santa Ana
7th Place – Tytin Johnson Lassen
8th Place – Amir Bakhshi Cuesta

Weight Class: 184
1st Place – Will Gockel-Figge Fresno City
2nd Place – Max Kumashiro Cerritos
3rd Place – Alex Graves Palomar
4th Place – Logan Paxton Sacramento City
5th Place – Nathan Rodriguez Mt. SAC
6th Place – Thomas Cross Shasta
7th Place – Raul Hernandez Santa Ana
8th Place – Jack Robinett Cuesta

Weight Class: 197
1st Place – Jack Murphy Bakersfield
2nd Place – Oscar Martinez Cerritos
3rd Place – Jeremiah Gerl Cerritos
4th Place – KeAndre Johnson Mt. SAC
5th Place – Francisco Vargas Skyline
6th Place – Dom Freesha Fresno City
7th Place – Talyn Latour San Joaquin Delta
8th Place – Fred Duerr Santa Rosa

Weight Class: 285
1st Place – Robert Chism Cerritos
2nd Place – Jesse Gomez Cerritos
3rd Place – Javier Gonzales Rio Hondo
4th Place – Andrew Cruz Mt. SAC
5th Place – Timothy McMihelk San Joaquin Delta
6th Place – Andrew Singer Fresno City
7th Place – Jimmy Dawson Sierra
8th Place – Jacob Richards Sacramento City


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