Chabot and Delta pick up dual meet wins.

Posted: September 19, 2015 in News and Views, Tournament & Dual Meet News

Double Duals at Delta College – Wednesday 9/16/2015

Chabot 33 vs Shasta 13
125 – Pakon Sakrithai (Cha) vs Michael LeFael (Sha) LeFael winner by dec 12-0
133 – Anthony Lee (Cha) winner by forfeit
141 – Mackey Khree (Cha) winner by forfeit
149 – John Andrade (Cha) vs Brennan Gilligan (Sha) Andrade winner by fall
157 – Gabriel Higares (Cha) vs Josh Shutts (Sha) Shutts winner by decision 6-3
165 – Kyle Do (Cha) vs Jamal Halverson (Sha) Do winner by decision 6-3
174 – Dalton Froggatt (Cha) winner by forfeit
184 – Darian Benge (Cha) vs Hayden Abbott (Sha) Hayden winner by decision
197 – Doug Terry (Cha) vs Bill Robinson (Sha) Robinson winner by decision
285 – Andgelo Tallis (Cha) vs Patrick Pennick (Sha) Tallis winner by decision)

Delta 11 vs Chabot 44
125 – Marcos Pablo-Mendoza (Del0 vs Pakon Sakrithai (Cha) Marcos winner by decision
133 – Darren Nguyen winner by forfeit
141 – Ian Morken (Del) vs Khyree Macky (Cha) Morken winner by fall
149 – Willian Fishburn (Del) vs John Andrade (Cha) Andrade winner by fall
157 – Chris Haywood (Del) vs Paynter Carson (Cha) Paynter winner by fall
165 – Austin De Reis (Cha) winner by forfeit
174 – Angle Martinez (Del) vs Kyle Do (Cha) Do winner by decision 14-5
184 – Darien Benge (Cha) winner by forfeit
197 – Doug Terry (Cha) winner by forfeit
285 – Angelo Tollis (Cha) winner by forfeit


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