Santa Rosa JC Picks up 2 dual wins at Delta.

Posted: September 19, 2015 in News and Views

Duals at SJ Delta


SRJC 31                                 Shasta 20

125 Rasmussen SRosa    L Pin       Lefael SHA

133 Walther SRosa           W FF      Forfeit SHA

141 R. Smith SRosa          W FF      Forfeit SHA

149 Gemini SRosa            W 9-7    Gilligan SHA

157 Poalillo SRosa             L 3-7       Shultz SHA

165 Wescott SRosa          L Pin       Halverson SHA

174 Forfeit SRosa             L FF        Froggatt SHA

184 Hall SRosa                    W 16-6  Auburt SHA

197 Duerr SRosa               W Pin    Robinson SHA

285 Bowlds SRosa            W Pin    Pennick SHA


SRJC  41                                SJ Delta 10

125 Pierson SRosa            L 2-11    Martinez SJD

133 Walther SRosa           W FF      Forfeit SJD

141 Gemini SRosa            L 5-8       Markan SJD

149 R. Smith SRosa          L 5-9       Coyt SJD

157 Poalillo SRosa             W TF      Haywood SJD

165 Rasmussen SRosa    W FF      Forfeit SJD

174 Wescott SRosa          W Pin    Martinez SJD

184 Welbon SRosa           W FF      Forfeit SJD

197 Duerr SRosa               WFF       Forfeit SJD

285 Lojas SRosa                     W FF   Forfeit SJD


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