CA JC State Finalists and Medalists

Posted: December 11, 2016 in State Championship News, Tournament & Dual Meet News

2016 California Community College Wrestling State Championships

Weight Class 125
Finalist – Julian Gaytan of Fresno City
Finalist – Landon McBride of Sierra
3rd Place – Norberto Buenrostro of Cerritos
4th Place – Morgan Sauseda of Sacramento City
5th Place – Pedro Sarabia of Bakersfield
6th Place – Elijah Diaz of Mt. SAC
7th Place – AJ Rosas of Fresno City
8th Place – Gilbert Martinez of Sierra

Weight Class 133
Finalist – Alberto Garcia of Palomar
Finalist – Jake Schaeffer of Palomar
3rd Place – Aaron Mora of Fresno City
4th Place – Pedro Corono of Bakersfield
5th Place – Adrian Marrufo of West Hills
6th Place – Devon Lyle of Chabot
7th Place – Leif Dominguez of Cuesta
8th Place – Julian Melecio of Mt. SAC

Weight Class 141
Finalist – Casper Sherow of Mt. SAC
Finalist – Kevin Kelly of Mt. SAC
3rd Place – Hunter Minton of Sacramento City
4th Place – Richard Pocock of Cerritos
5th Place – Andrew Gomez of Santa Ana
6th Place – Clinton McAlester of Fresno City
7th Place – Eric Reyes of Palomar
8th Place – Esteban Corona of Bakersfield

Weight Class 149
Finalist – Dylan Martinez of Fresno City
Finalist – Dean Esquibel of Fresno City
3rd Place – Joseph Dominguez of Mt. SAC
4th Place – Chris Kimball of Palomar
5th Place – Wyatt Gerl of Cerritos
6th Place – Alex Aniciente of Lassen
7th Place – Tristan Steinmon of Santa Ana
8th Place – Joshua Caro of Rio Hondo

Weight Class 157
Finalist – Joshua Annis of Fresno City
Finalist – Kevin James of Cerritos
3rd Place – Noor Kathem of Modesto
4th Place – Daniel Larman of Sacramento City
5th Place – Dylan Moreno of Cerritos
6th Place – Nathan Pimentel of West Hills
7th Place – Brandon Tierney of Santa Ana
8th Place – Jessy Diaz of Palomar

Weight Class 165
Finalist – Derek Lee Loy of Sacramento City
Finalist – Ryan Soto of Victor Valley
3rd Place – Arman Fayyazi of Santa Ana
4th Place – Blake Vasquez of Cerritos
5th Place – Kevin Hope of Mt. SAC
6th Place – Andrew Brodland of Sierra
7th Place – Kennith Kirk of Cerritos
8th Place – Ricardo Bribiescas of Skyline

Weight Class 174
Finalist – Alex Garcia of Cuesta
Finalist – Reed South of Mt. SAC
3rd Place – Niko Chapman of Sacramento City
4th Place – Zach Wally of Chabot
5th Place – Jerrin Dean of Fresno City
6th Place – Isaiah Leyva of Cerritos
7th Place – Dupra Goodman of Skyline
8th Place – Stephen Dixon of San Joaquin Delta

Weight Class 184
Finalist – Trevor Wright of Sacramento City
Finalist – Kalan Hastey of Sacramento City
3rd Place – Bruce Valdez of Palomar
4th Place – Barnabus Yi of Mt. SAC
5th Place – Dom Freesha of Fresno City
6th Place – Bryant Vasquez of Cerritos
7th Place – Isaac De La Cruz of Cuesta
8th Place – Ivan Sevilla of West Hills

Weight Class 197
Finalist – Kalvin Stuckey of Fresno City
Finalist – David Vanweems of Cerritos
3rd Place – Wes Ruffer of Lassen
4th Place – Andrew Ramos of Rio Hondo
5th Place – Ben Sira of Chabot
6th Place – Zack Mitchell of Bakersfield
7th Place – Alex Gomez of Palomar
8th Place – Zavion Roberson of Bakersfield

Weight Class 285
Finalist – Chance Eskam of Palomar
Finalist – Bradon Sotomayor of East LA
3rd Place – Tristan Smith of Modesto
4th Place – David Zavala of Cerritos
5th Place – Ramiro Macias of Bakersfield
6th Place – Angel Mariscal of Fresno City
7th Place – Jerrad Kirk of Sacramento City
8th Place – Marco Valdivia of Rio Hondo


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