2017 JC State Medal Match Results

Posted: December 10, 2017 in News and Views, State Championship News, Tournament & Dual Meet News

2017 California Community College Wrestling State Championships

Weight Class 125
3rd Place Match – Greg Viloria (San Joaquin Delta) won by decision over Elijah Diaz (Mt. SAC) Dec 3-1
5th Place Match – Danny Borrego (Skyline) won by decision over Brandon Mendoza (Modesto) Dec 3-2
7th Place Match – John Whisner (Mt. SAC) won by fall over Isaac Guerrero (Palomar) Fall 3:22

Weight Class 133
3rd Place Match – Adam Valdez (Mt. SAC) won in sudden victory – 1 over Josh Brown (Cerritos) SV-1 11-5
5th Place Match – Josh Fuentes (Santa Ana) won by fall over Tyler Poalillo (Santa Rosa) Fall 2:41
7th Place Match – Jeremy Newman (Sierra) won by fall over Zachary Moistner (Palomar) Fall 0:58

Weight Class 141
3rd Place Match – Abraham Del Toro (Fresno City) won by major decision over Adrian Marrufo (West Hills) Maj 20-8
5th Place Match – Nick Camacho (Cerritos) won by major decision over Jeremy Huang (Santa Ana) Maj 13-2
7th Place Match – Jacob Jimenez (Palomar) won by injury default over Brandon Rullan (San Joaquin Delta) Inj. 1:04

Weight Class 149
3rd Place Match – Wolgang Bernal (Santa Ana) won by decision over Manuel Salcedo (Mt. SAC) Dec 9-2
5th Place Match – Nathan Navida (Palomar) won by injury default over Emmett Kuntz (Bakersfield) Inj. 0:00
7th Place Match – Khalil Howard (Rio Hondo) won by fall over Carlos Vasquez (San Joaquin Delta) Fall 2:18

Weight Class 157
3rd Place Match – Wyatt Gerl (Cerritos) won by fall over Muhammad Lateef (San Joaquin Delta) Fall 4:14
5th Place Match – Josh McMillion (Fresno City) won by decision over Joseph Valdez (Mt. SAC) Dec 5-4
7th Place Match – William Schwertscharf (Modesto) won by decision over Jose Paiz (West Hills) Dec 4-2

Weight Class 165
3rd Place Match – Matthew Mejia (Mt. SAC) won by major decision over Brandon Tierney (Santa Ana) Maj 13-5
5th Place Match – Issac Bertalotto (Sacramento City) won by forfeit over Blake Vasquez (Cerritos) FF
7th Place Match – Josh Koning (Moorpark) won by fall over Brian Horn (Sacramento City) Fall 0:23

Weight Class 174
3rd Place Match – Hector Vargas (Mt. SAC) won by decision over Braulio Banuelos (Palomar) Dec 7-5
5th Place Match – Miguel Ruiz (Fresno City) won by decision over Cameron Casey (Santa Rosa) Dec 8-5
7th Place Match – Zach Gonzales (Cerritos) won by fall over Robert Flores (Moorpark) Fall 6:18

Weight Class 184
3rd Place Match – Tevin Bailey (Lassen) won by major decision over Jeremy Maas (Bakersfield) Maj 14-2
5th Place Match – Issac Sillas (Sacramento City) won by fall over Dylan Kranich (San Joaquin Delta) Fall 0:41
7th Place Match – Angel Verduzco (Cerritos) won by decision over Leo Perez (Santa Ana) Dec 14-7

Weight Class 197
3rd Place Match – Marcus Macias (Fresno City) won by fall over Lazaro Carrasco (Chabot) Fall 1:23
5th Place Match – Daniel Warden (Sacramento City) won by fall over Zavion Roberson (Bakersfield) Fall 2:13
7th Place Match – David Chavaria (Mt. SAC) won by decision over Tristan Begovic (Shasta) Dec 4-4

Weight Class 285
3rd Place Match – Cola Mair (Lassen) won by decision over Chumkaur Dhaliwal (Chabot) Dec 5-3
5th Place Match – Jesse Flores (Modesto) won by decision over Casey Jones (Fresno City) Dec 1-0
7th Place Match – Ramon Guzman (Skyline) won by decision over Ramiro Macias (Bakersfield) Dec 3-2


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