Fresno City Prevails at West Hills Invitational

2019 West Hills Invitational – September 28, 2019
West Hills College, Leemore, California

Fresno City College held off a determined Cerritos College team to win the 2019 West Hills Invitational.

BracketsTeam ScoresPhotos

125 Lbs:
1st: Jonathan Prata, Cerritos
2nd: Ramiro Castillo, Fresno City
3rd: Jose Lozano, Cerritos
4th: Nick Foster, Lassen
5th: Jacob Hiller, Sacramento City
6th: Mario Moreno, Fresno City

133 Lbs:
1st: Jude Miranda, West Hills
2nd: Andres Gonzalez, Cerritos
3rd: Louie Bravo, Fresno City ”
4th: Angel Rosales, Bakersfield
5th: Owen Jones, Santa Rosa
6th: Rainier Colina, Modesto

141 Lbs:
1st: Raul Ortiz, Sacramento City
2nd: Ivan Gomez, Modesto
3rd: Darrien Javier, Mt Sac
4th: Anthony Chavez, Fresno City
5th: Bradley Chirino, Mt Sac
6th: Devin Holman, Modesto

149 Lbs:
1st: Daniel Ruiz, Fresno City
2nd: Chris Gaxiola, Fresno City
3rd: Christian Espinoza, Rio Hondo
4th: Guadalupe Ayon, West Hills
5th: Vante Moore, Cerritos
6th: Isaiah Mora, Cerritos

157 Lbs:
1st: Larry Rodriguez, Cerritos
2nd: Adrian Gonzales, Bakersfield
3rd: Josh McMillon, Fresno City
4th: William Schwertscharf, Modesto
5th: Ray Aranda, Fresno City
6th: Hunter Avila, West Hills

165 Lbs:
1st: Augustine Garcia, Fresno City
2nd: Wetzel Hill, Mt Sac
3rd: Manny Curry, Sacramento City
4th: Anthony Martinez, Santa Rosa
5th: Ryan Ojeda, Sierra
6th: Joey Valdez, Sierra

174 Lbs:
1st: Arthuro Rivas, Fresno City
2nd: Chase Miles, Sacramento City
3rd: Devyn Kreb, Sierra
4th: Cobe Hatcher, Cerritos
5th: Carlos Mejia, Mt Sac
6th: Luke Hanson, UNA

184 Lbs:
1st: Stephen Martin, Skyline
2nd: Daniel Long, Fresno City
3rd: Russell Rucklos, Lassen
4th: Armando Gonzalez, Cerritos
5th: Melad Ayyoub, Mt Sac
6th: Jarrod Nunez, Cerritos

197 Lbs:
1st: Jack Kilner, Fresno City
2nd: Tony Rogers, Lassen
3rd: Hunter Gonzalez, Sierra
4th: Jordan Annis, Bakersfield
5th: Hamza Al-Saudi, Cerritos
6th: Andy Voong, Rio Hondo

285 Lbs:
1st: Armando Barcenas, Fresno City
2nd: Randy Arriaga, Cerritos
3rd: Victor Yakshin, Sierra
4th: Leo Molina, Victor Valley
5th: Jacob Satorio, Fresno City
6th: Auston May, Sierra

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