The Battle Back – Con Round 3 Match-ups

2019 CCCAA State Championship

Today’s opening round of consolation will determine who will wrestle for 7th place and who will move on in the quest for 3rd. Here are the match-ups

2019 CCCAA State Wrestling Championship
Hosted by Fresno City College
December 13 and 14, 2019

125 Cons. Round 3 Gavin Sweeny (Sierra) vs. Brandon Mendoza (Modesto)
125 Cons. Round 3 Conner Diamond (Mt SAC) vs. Keithen Estrada (Bakersfield)

133 Cons. Round 3 Owen Jones (Santa Rosa) vs. Jude Miranda (West Hills)
133 Cons. Round 3 Stefano McKinney (Cerritos) vs. Andres Gonzalez (Cerritos)

141 Cons. Round 3 Bradley Chirino (Mt SAC) vs. Ali Kaveh (Santa Ana )
141 Cons. Round 3 Ivan Gomez (Modesto) vs. Raul Ortiz (Sacramento City)

149 Cons. Round 3 V`ante Moore (Cerritos) vs. Joe Kachmar (Sacramento City)
149 Cons. Round 3 Josue Aguilar (East Los Angeles) vs. Adrian Gonzales (Bakersfield)

157 Cons. Round 3 Gabriel DeHaro (Lassen) vs. Larry Rodriguez (Cerritos)
157 Cons. Round 3 Emmanuel Zepeda (East Los Angeles) vs. Doroteo Lopez (East Los Angeles)

165 Cons. Round 3 Wetzel Hill (Mt SAC) vs. Drake DeLaCruz (Cerritos)
165 Cons. Round 3 Jeronimo Cardosa (West Hills) vs. Alex Thornburg (Sacramento City)

174 Cons. Round 3 Jamal Starks (San Joaquin Delta) vs. Kevin Ayala (Mt SAC)
174 Cons. Round 3 Arturo Rivas (Fresno City) vs. Bryan Samayoa (Cerritos)

184 Cons. Round 3 Bobby Mello (Santa Rosa) vs. Angel Verduzco (Cerritos)
184 Cons. Round 3 Russell Rucklos (Lassen) vs. Melad Ayyoub (Mt SAC)

197 Cons. Round 3 Hunter Gonzalez (Sierra) vs. Lazaro Carrasco (Chabot)
197 Cons. Round 3 Patrick Slatic (West Hills) vs. Steven Karas (Sacramento City)

285 Cons. Round 3 Bout 159 Alex Mosquada (Sierra) vs. David Aranda (East Los Angeles)
285 Cons. Round 3 Bout 160 Ben Hodhodiabkena (Moorpark) vs. Randy Arriaga (Cerritos)

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