2014 State Championship Results

2014 CCCAA Wrestling State Championships
December 12-13, 2014
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo

Weight Class: 125
1st Place – Arnulfo Olea Fresno City
2nd Place – Adrian Camposano Fresno City
3rd Place – Gio Castillo Mt. SAC
4th Place – Silverio Esparza West Hills
5th Place – Ritchie Taira Mt. SAC
6th Place – Gary Howe Cerritos
7th Place – Darren Nguyen Chabot
8th Place – Marcos Velasquez Bakersfield

Weight Class: 133
1st Place – Dustin Kirk Cerritos
2nd Place – Alberto Garcia Palomar
3rd Place – Albert Landeros Sacramento City
4th Place – Travis Roberts Sierra
5th Place – Vicente Hernandez Fresno City
6th Place – Ronald Collister Santa Ana
7th Place – Arik Onsurez Bakersfield
8th Place – Anwar Halteh Skyline

Weight Class: 141
1st Place – Terrill Sidner Mt. SAC
2nd Place – Connor Pollock Cuesta
3rd Place – Isiah Alva Fresno City
4th Place – Jonas Gaytan Fresno City
5th Place – Daniel Romero Rio Hondo
6th Place – Trent Nicholson Sierra
7th Place – Lake Gee Sacramento City
8th Place – Dominic Cesena Chabot

Weight Class: 149
1st Place – Aj McKee Cerritos
2nd Place – Anthony Rubio Chabot
3rd Place – Brian Sergi Sacramento City
4th Place – Joaquin Collister Santa Ana
5th Place – Ivan Govea Fresno City
6th Place – Johnny Callas Cuesta
7th Place – Rogelio Bravo San Joaquin Delta
8th Place – Justin Hill Lassen

Weight Class: 157
1st Place – Keanu Tom Cerritos
2nd Place – Adrian Gomez Fresno City
3rd Place – Joseph Magdaleno-Hudson East LA
4th Place – Richard Miranda Santa Ana
5th Place – Sean Raftery Lassen
6th Place – George Medina Mt. SAC
7th Place – Vincent Gomez Bakersfield
8th Place – John Sinclair Cuesta

Weight Class: 165
1st Place – Victor Pereira Chabot
2nd Place – Daniel Allen Rio Hondo
3rd Place – Eric Roberts Santa Ana
4th Place – Adrian Herrera East LA
5th Place – Peter Donchev Palomar
6th Place – Joseph Else Cuesta
7th Place – Adam Busch Sacramento City
8th Place – Erik Colin Palomar

Weight Class: 174
1st Place – Mo Naser Fresno City
2nd Place – Zack Wally Chabot
3rd Place – Dylan Clarke Cerritos
4th Place – Kolton Martin Mt. SAC
5th Place – Cesar Luna Bakersfield
6th Place – Micah Macias Santa Ana
7th Place – Tytin Johnson Lassen
8th Place – Amir Bakhshi Cuesta

Weight Class: 184
1st Place – Will Gockel-Figge Fresno City
2nd Place – Max Kumashiro Cerritos
3rd Place – Alex Graves Palomar
4th Place – Logan Paxton Sacramento City
5th Place – Nathan Rodriguez Mt. SAC
6th Place – Thomas Cross Shasta
7th Place – Raul Hernandez Santa Ana
8th Place – Jack Robinett Cuesta

Weight Class: 197
1st Place – Jack Murphy Bakersfield
2nd Place – Oscar Martinez Cerritos
3rd Place – Jeremiah Gerl Cerritos
4th Place – KeAndre Johnson Mt. SAC
5th Place – Francisco Vargas Skyline
6th Place – Dom Freesha Fresno City
7th Place – Talyn Latour San Joaquin Delta
8th Place – Fred Duerr Santa Rosa

Weight Class: 285
1st Place – Robert Chism Cerritos
2nd Place – Jesse Gomez Cerritos
3rd Place – Javier Gonzales Rio Hondo
4th Place – Andrew Cruz Mt. SAC
5th Place – Timothy McMihelk San Joaquin Delta
6th Place – Andrew Singer Fresno City
7th Place – Jimmy Dawson Sierra
8th Place – Jacob Richards Sacramento City

Team Scores

1.  Cerritos 167.0
2.  Fresno City 159.0
3.  Mt. SAC 111.5
4.  Chabot 72.0
5.  Santa Ana 69.0
6.  Sac City 66.5
7.  Cuesta 56.5
8.  Bakersfield 55.0
9.  Palomar 48.0
10.  Rio Hondo 43.5
11.  Sierra 32.0
12.  East LA 29.0
13.  Lassen 26.0
14.  S J Delta 25.0
15.  Skyline 18.5
16.  West Hills 14.0
17.  Shasta 13.5
18.  Santa Rosa 5.5
19.  Modesto 0.0

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