CACC State – Team Scores and Brackets After Round 1

2019 CCCAA State Wrestling Championship
Hosted by Fresno City College
December 13 and 14, 2019

Round 1 Action Photos (click here)

Brackets After Round 1 (click here)

1 Bakersfield 9.0
1 East Los Angeles 9.0
1 Modesto 9.0
4 Fresno City 8.5
5 Cerritos 8.0
6 Lassen 7.0
6 West Hills 7.0
8 Sacramento City 6.0
8 Santa Rosa 6.0
10 Chabot 3.0
10 Moorpark 3.0
10 Mt SAC 3.0
10 Rio Hondo 3.0
10 San Joaquin Delta 3.0
10 Santa Ana 3.0
10 Sierra 3.0
17 Cuesta 0.0
17 Palomar 0.0
17 Shasta 0.0
17 Skyline 0.0
17 Victor Valley 0.0

CACC Preliminary State Brackets and Tournament Info

2019 CACC Wrestling – Preliminary State Brackets

2019 CCCAA Wrestling State Championships
California Community College Athletic Assn.

Friday & Saturday, December 13th & 14th, 2019
Hosted by Fresno City College
Fresno City College Gymnasium
1101 East University Avenue
Fresno, California USA

Friday, December 13, 2019
Weigh-Ins/Wrestling Rm 9:00 am
Doors Open 10:00 am
Wrestling Session I 11:00 am-Completion
Break 2:30 pm
Doors Open 5:00 pm
Wrestling Session II 6:00 pm – Completion

Saturday, December 14, 2019
Weigh-Ins/Wrestling Rm 10:00 am
Doors Open 10:00 am
Wrestling Session III 11:00 am-Completion
Doors Open 5:30 pm
Finals Ceremony 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Wrestling Session IV 6:30 pm – Championship FINALS
Awards Ceremony 8:30 pm – 12/14/2019

JC Championship Week Begins

Here is the schedule of events (as we know it).

2019 CCCAA Wrestling State Championships
California Community College Athletic Assn.
Friday & Saturday, December 13th & 14th, 2019
Hosted by Fresno City College
Fresno City College Gymnasium
1101 East University Avenue
Fresno, California USA
Friday, December 13, 2019
Weigh-Ins/Wrestling Rm 9:00 am
Doors Open 10:00 am
Wrestling Session I 11:00 am-Completion
Break 2:30 pm
Doors Open 5:00 pm
Wrestling Session II 6:00 pm – Completion
Saturday, December 14, 2019
Weigh-Ins/Wrestling Rm 10:00 am
Doors Open 10:00 am
Wrestling Session III 11:00 am-Completion
Doors Open 5:30 pm
Finals Ceremony 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Wrestling Session IV 6:30 pm – Championship FINALS
Awards Ceremony 8:30 pm – 12/14/2019

2019 South Regional Championship Results

2019 JC South Regionals
California Community College Wrestling
Hosted by Santa Ana College, Santa Ana, California USA
Saturday, December 7, 2019

Team Scores – Final 12/7/2019
1 – 216.5 – Cerritos College
2 – 188.5 – Bakersfield College
3 – 168.0 – Mt. San Antonio College
4 – 126.0 – East Los Angeles College
5 – 119.9 – Rio Hondo College College
6 – 94.0 – Palomar College
7 – 85.5 – Moorpark College
8 – 58.0 – Santa Ana College
9 – 54.5 – Cuesta College
10 – 25.0 – Victor Valley College

Medalists – Final 12/7/2019

125 lbs.
1st: Jonathan Prata (CER)
2nd: Conner Diamond (MSAC)
3rd: Keithen Estrada (BAK)
4th: Adrian Guevara (RIO)
5th: Salvador Alvarez (ELAC)
6th: Juan Diaz (PAL)
7th: Nick Gonzales (CUE)
8th: Ryan Lucero (MOO)

133 lbs.
1st: Andres Gonzales (CER)
2nd: Kahlil Tucker (RIO)
3rd: Stefano McKinney (CER)
4th: Jose Mata (SA)
5th: Angel Rosales (BAK)
6th: Nic Weissinger (MSAC)
7th: Donaven Medina (MOO)
8th: Khrystoph Jones (VV)
TRUE 6th: Donaven Medina (MOO)

141 lbs.
1st: Isaiah Mora (CER)
2nd: David Ortega (VV)
rd: Chris Espinoza (RIO)
4th: Bradley Chirino (MSAC)
5th: Ali Kaveh (SA)
6th: Jesus Langarica (RIO)
7th: Isaih Calderon (SA)
8th: Alexis Becerra (BAK)

149 lbs.
1st: Adrian Gonzales (BAK)
2nd: V’ante Moore (CER)
3rd: Josue Aguilar (ELAC)
4th: Ismael Cruz (RIO)
5th: Lance McNatt (PAL)
6th: James Adams (MSAC)
7th: Justin Jerricoff (CUE)
8th: Anthony Galvez (MOO)
TRUE 6th: Justin Jerricoff (CUE)

157 lbs.
1st: Larry Rodriguez (CER)
2nd: Emmanuel Zepeda (ELAC)
3rd: Doroteo Lopez (ELAC)
4th: Ian Vasquez (MSAC)
5th: Issac Escareno (RIO)
6th: Taro Harmon (PAL)
7th: Kai Schaefer (CUE)
8th: Gabe Salcedo (BAK)
TRUE 6th: Kai Schaefer (CUE)

165 lbs.
1st: Jacob Hansen (MOO)
2nd: Wetzel Hill (MSAC)
3rd: Scott Hokit (BAK)
4th: Drake De La Cruz (CER)
5th: Nicolas Lopez (ELAC)
6th: Eric Carrillo (MSAC)
7th: Frank Sanchez (PAL)
8th: Aaron Noori (MOO)
TRUE 6th: Frank Sanchez (PAL)

174 lbs.
1st: Jonathan Hunter (BAK)
2nd: Kevin Hope (MSAC)
3rd: Bryan Samayoa (CER)
4th: Jacob Annis (BAK)
5th: Kevin Ayala (MSAC)
6th: Daniel Serrano (SA)
7th: James Rodriguez (PAL)
8th: Carlos Durazo (ELAC)

184 lbs.
1st: Joey Conroy (PAL)
2nd: Breck Jeffus (CUE)
3rd: Jordan Annis (BAK)
4th: Angel Verduzco (CER)
5th: Juan Zapien (ELAC)
6th: Melad Ayyoub (MSAC)
7th: Armando Varelas (BAK)
8th: Zach Ortiz (MOO)

197 lbs.
1st: Hamza Al Saudi (CER)
2nd: Andy Voong (RIO)
3rd: Colby Huynh (MSAC)
4th: Ricardo Gonzalez (BAK)
5th: Joseph Nava (SA)
6th: Jesus Hernandez (PAL)
7th: Jacob Duran (ELAC)

285 lbs.
1st: Enrique Galicia (PAL)
2nd: Juan Camacho (CUE)
3rd: Behnam Hodhodiabkenar (MOO)
4th: David Aranda (ELAC)
5th: Randy Arriaga (CER)
6th: Jackson Clark (MSAC)
7th: Donald Oliver (BAK)
8th: Diego Sanchez (RIO)

2019 North Regional Championship Results

2019 North Regional Championships

Hosted by San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, California USA
December 7, 2019

1. Fresno City College – 237.00
2. Sacramento City College – 164.00
3. Sierra College – 134.50
4. West Hills College – 112.00
5. Lassen College – 98.00
6. Modesto Junior College – 96.00
7. Santa Rosa Junior College – 85.50
8. San Joaquin Delta College – 58.00
9. Skyline College – 42.50
10. Chabot College – 28.50

Weight Class 125
1. Mario Moreno (FCC)
2. Gavin Sweeny (SIE)
3. Brandon Mendoza (MJC)
4. Ramiro Castillo (FCC)
5. John Sosa (WH)
6. Nick Foster (LCC)
7. Danny Borrego (SKY)
8. Trey Watters (LAS)

Weight Class 133
1. Louie Bravo (FCC)
2. Cole Kachmar (SCC)
3. Owen Jones (SRJC)
4. Houston Scibek (MJC)
5. Salvador Velasco (WH)
6. Jude Miranda (WH)
7. Jacob Hiller (SCC)
8. Rainier Colina (MJC)

Weight Class 141
1. Raul Ortiz (SCC)
2. Anthony Chavez (FCC)
3. Ivan Gomez (MJC)
4. Devin Holman (MJC)
5. Logan Blocher (LAS)
6. Jeomar Banda (SRJC)
7. Trenton Edalgo (SJD)
8. Nick Mascardo (SJD)
True 6th – Trenton Edalgo (SJD)

Weight Class 149
1. Daniel Ruiz (FCC)
2. Chris Gaxiola (FCC)
3. Logan Garcia (LAS)
4. Greg Ewert (SRJC)
5. Joe Kachmar (SCC)
6. Nico Cappabianca (SKY)
7. Grant Anderson (SIE)
8. Anthony Molina (WH)

Weight Class 157
1. Hunter LaRue (SCC)
2. Ryan Ojeda (SIE)
3. Josh McMillan (FCC)
4. William Schwertscharf (MJC)
5. Gabriel De Haro (LAS)
6. Lance Brazet (WH)
7. Hunter Avila (WH)
8. Vincent Blensdorf (SKY)

Weight Class 165
1. Augustine Garcia (FCC)
2. Manny Curry (SCC)
3. Darin Chick (SJD)
4. Alex Thornburg (SCC)
5. Joseph Valdez (SIE)
6. Jeronimo Cardoso (WH)
7. Anthony Martinez (SRJC)
8. Christian Richer (LCC)

Weight Class 174
1. Chase Miles (SCC)
2. Devyn Kreb (SIE)
3. Arturo Rivas (FCC)
4. Noah Collazo (WH)
5. Kevin Fernandez (MJC)
6. Jamal Starks (SJD)
7. Tyler Moore (LCC)
8. David Fowler (SIE)

Weight Class 184
1. Stephen Martin (SKY)
2. Russell Rucklos (LAS)
3. Daniel Long (FCC)
4. Bobby Mello (SRJC)
5. Auston May (SIE)
6. Ricky Mello (SCC)
7. Johnathan Vale (WH)
8. Gurbir Dhaliwal (CHA)
True 6th – Johnathan Vale (WH)

Weight Class 197
1. Jack Kilner (FCC)
2. Hunter Gonzalez (SIE)
3. Lazaro Carrasco (CHA)
4. Patrick Slatic (WH)
5. Steven Karas (SCC)
6. Jordan Monroe (SRJC)
7. Brock Piombo-McCarty (SJD)
8. Randy Nemendez (LAS)

Weight Class 285
1. Armando Barcenas (FCC)
2. Victor Yakshin (SIE)
3. Alex Mosquada (SIE)
4. David Padilla (WH)
5. Javante Gregoire (SRJC)
6. Hayden Elias (SCC)
7. Ron Mendoza (SJD)
8. Henry Espinal (CHA)

Setting the Stage for State

With Thanksgiving blessings complete and no more turkey leftovers in sight, it is time to set the table for the State Championship.

Post season action will be in full swing this weekend at the Regional Championships. Santa Ana College will host the Southern Regionals while Delta College hosts the North Regionals.

North Regionals – Saturday December 7th – 10am
San Joaquin Delta College
5151 Pacific Avenue Stockton, California 95201

South Regionals – Saturday December 7th – 10am
Santa Ana College
1530 W. 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA 92706


Rams Take Down the Falcons 30-8 at State Dual Championship

Recap courtesy of CCCAA Sports

Boasting four wrestlers that are currently ranked #1 in their respective weight classifications in their lineup, the Fresno City College wrestling team captured their third consecutive CCCAA Team Dual State Championship on Sunday night. The Rams, ranked #1 in the state, defeated #2-ranked Cerritos College, 30-8 in the championship match in Norwalk. Fresno City won all three of their titles against the Falcons, while this was the fourth straight season the two squared off in the state championship match.

125 Pounds – Mario Moreno (FCC) def. Jonathan Prata (CERR), 5-2
In the opening match of the night, the #2-ranked Moreno handed #1-ranked Prata his first loss of the season. Prata got the scoring started with an early takedown in the first period. After Moreno worked out of the hold, he scored a reversal with 24 seconds left in the first period to take a 3-2 advantage. Starting the second period in the down position, Moreno added to his lead with an escape point and then rode Prata for the entire two-minute third period to add a riding time point to the final score.

133 Pounds – Andres Gonzales (CERR) def. Louie Bravo (FCC), 9-4
Gonzalez held a 4-0 lead after the first two periods on the strength of two takedowns, with the third period accounting for most of the scoring. It was a 5-0 lead for the #2-ranked Gonzales until Bravo, who’s ranked #3, recorded a takedown with 1:49 left in the match. Just 20 seconds later, Gonzales secured his victory with a reversal for a 7-2 lead. Although he surrendered a reversal with eight seconds left, Gonzales was able to escape and add a riding time point for the victory.

141 Pounds – Isaiah Mora (CERR) def. Anthony Chavez (FCC), 9-7 (ot)
In an upset, unranked Mora was able to hold off a late charge by the #2-ranked Chavez and settled for an overtime period. Mora came out quick in the match and took a 4-2 lead after the first period. Never tailing in the match, Mora took a 7-4 lead in the third period after a takedown with 1:28 left in regulation. Chavez was able to secure a reversal with 1:10 left in the clock and then received a point for riding time, which sent the match to a 1:00 overtime period. With 27 seconds left in the period, Mora was able to secure the leg of Chavez and worked it into a takedown for the win and a 6-3 team score lead.

149 Pounds – Daniel Ruiz (FCC) pinned V’ante More (CERR), 3:53
The Rams took the team scoring lead then they received six team points for a pin, while the Falcons were penalized a team point for unsportsmanlike conduct. In the match, #1-ranked Ruiz scored a takedown and two-point nearfall in the first period, while in the second period, he got Moore on his back after escaping from the down position and scoring another takedown. The match ended in the second period with 1:07 remaining on the clock.

157 Pounds – Larry Rodriguez (CERR) def. Josh McMillon (FCC). 11-5
In another match pitting the top two wrestlers in their respective weight classes, #1-ranked Rodriguez broke open a close 5-4 lead after two periods. With 1:18 left in the third period, Rodriguez extended his lead with a nice flip move for a takedown and then added a two-point nearfall for a 9-4 advantage. After an escape by #2-ranked McMillon, Rodriguez capped off the scoring with a takedown in the final 12 seconds. At this point, the Falcons were down in the team scoring, 9-8.

165 Pounds – Augie Garcia (FCC) pinned Drake De La Cruz (CERR), 3:59
The Rams opened up a 15-8 team score lead when #2-ranked Garcia pinned unranked De La Cruz in 3:59. It would start a string of five straight wins for Fresno City to close out the match. A takedown in the first six seconds for Garica gave him a quick 2-0 lead, with De La Cruz staying close with an escape point before the end of the period. Starting in the up position to begin the second period, De La Cruz was reversed by Garcia, who worked to get the advantage and pinned De La Cruz’s shoulders with 1:01 remaining in the second period.

174 Pounds – Arturo Rivas (FCC) def. Bryab Samayoa (CERR), 10-4
A strong first period by #1-ranked Rivas gave him a 6-1 lead over unranked Samayoa, which included a quick takedown and two-point nearfall within the first 48 seconds of the match. Continuing to battle, Samayoa almost caught Rivas off-balance in the second period, but would eventually get taken down twice in the period and was down, 10-3 heading into the final period. The referee awarded Samayoa a point when Rivas was called for stalling, which rounded out the scoring in the match. With three matches remaining, the Rams extended their lead to 18-8.

184 Pounds – Daniel Long (FCC) technical fall over Angel Verduzco (CERR), 16-1
In a match that lasted just one period, #3-ranked Long got Verduzco in an dangerous position and utilized it to register three consecutive four-point nearfalls. The #3-ranked Long secured his first nearfall with 1:09 left in the period to make it a 6-0 match, and put unranked Verduzco’s shoulders on the mat long enough for the four-point move two more times over the span of 12 seconds. After finally escaping with :25 seconds left in the period, Verduzco was then taken down at the buzzer, which ended the match on the technical fall.

197 Pounds – Jack Kilner (FCC) def. Hamzah Al-Saudi (CERR), 9-0
Top-ranked Kilner was able to get the advantage on #3-Al-Saudi with a first period takedown, and then added a quick escape point to start the second period and followed with a takedown with just under a minute left in the period. Al-Saudi had a hard time getting in position to get a comeback started and was forced to try and work out of the holds provided by Kilner. A third period takedown by Kilner was the third of the match, while scoring an extra point due to riding time to cap off the scoring.

285 Pounds – Armando Barcenas (FCC) def. Randy Arriaga (CERR), 5-3
In the final match of the night, Barcenas got an early edge on the #2-ranked Arriaga with a takedown, while a quick escape cut the 2-0 lead in half. An early escape point from Arriaga tied the match at 2-2 in the second period, with the two wrestlers unable to change that score the rest of the period. Top-ranked Barcenas took a 3-2 lead with his third period escape, with Arriaga looking to score a takedown, which would give him the lead. But with time running out, Barcenas came up with a scoring move and posted a takedown for a 5-2 lead with 43 seconds left in the match. Needing a takedown to tie the match after an escape with 32 seconds remaining, #1-ranked Barcenas was able to hold off Arriaga for the win.

Coast Conference Championships

2019 CACC Coast Conference Championship
Chabot College, Hayward, California

Action Photos

Team Scores
1 – Fresno City: 115.0
2 – Modesto JC: 72.5
3 – Santa Rosa JC: 68.5
4 – Skyline: 49.0
5 – Chabot: 31.5

Weight Class 125
1 – Brandon Mendoza (Modesto JC)
2 – Danny Borrego (Skyline)
3 – Austin Pimental (Fresno City)
4 – Luis Saucedo (Fresno City)

Weight Class 133
1 – Owen Jones (Santa Rosa JC)
2 – Rainer Colons (Modesto JC)
3 – Christopher Do (Chabot)
4 – Gustavo Ventura (Fresno City)

Weight Class 141
1 – Steven Aranda (Fresno City)
2 – Houston Scibek (Modesto JC)
3 – Mario Martinez (Fresno City)
4 – Andrew Aquino (Chabot)

Weight Class 149
1 – Greg Ewert (Santa Rosa JC)
2 – Tony Perez (Fresno City)
3 – Nico Cappabianca (Skyline)
4 – Nik Oba (Santa Rosa JC)

Weight Class 157
1 – Ray Aranda (Fresno City)
2 – William Schwertscharf (Modesto JC)
3 – Abraham Del Torro (Fresno City)
4 – Jose Perez Rodas (Skyline)

Weight Class 165
1 – Recardo Adame (Fresno City)
2 – Marcus Rosetto (Modesto JC)
3 – Anthony Martinez (Santa Rosa JC)
4 – Eddy Morales (Chabot)

Weight Class 174
1 – Bryant Franklin (Fresno City)
2 – Juan Diaz-Marques (Skyline)
3 – Brandon Villalobos (Modesto JC)
4 – William “Bing” Westbrook (Santa Rosa JC)

Weight Class 184
1 – Steve Martin (Skyline) *OW
2 – Kevin Fernandez (Modesto JC)
3 – Bobby Mello (Santa Rosa JC)
4 – Brevin Leibee (Fresno City)

Weight Class 197
1 – Lazaro Carrasco (Chabot)
2 – Jordon Monroe (Santa Rosa JC)
3 – Nick Echeveste (Fresno City)
4 – Ricardo Jauregui (Fresno City)

Weight Class 285
1 – Matt Johnston (Fresno City)
2 – Jacob Satorio (Fresno City)
3 – Javante Gregorie (Santa Rosa JC)
4 – Henry Espina (Chabot)

Sac City Quad Meet Results

2019 California Community College Quad Meet – Sacramento City College (Host) – Santa Rosa Junior College – Lassen College and Delta College

SCC vs. Delta
125 – Mark Guzman (SCC) wins by forfeit
133 – Dylan Duncan (SCC) WBF over Jacob Sasaki (D) in 1:51
141 – Raul Ortiz (SCC) WBF over Trenton Egaldo in 2:57
149 – Joe Kachmar (SCC) wins by forfeit
157 – Hunter LaRue (SCC) wins by forfeit
165 – Darin Chick (D) MD Ricky Mello 11-1
174 – Jamaal Starks (D) WBF over Sam Justo (SCC) in 2:14
184 – Hayden Elias (SCC) WBF over Wyatt Abresy (D) in 4:31
197 – Steven Karas (SCC) tech-fall over Octavio Ruelas (D) 19-4 in 5:22
285 – Ron Mendoza (D) wins by forfeit
Final Score: SCC 41 Delta 16

125 – Jordan Noble (SCC) WBF over Preston Bagan (SRJC) in 1:16
133 – Owen Jones (SRJC) Dec. Trevor Mattox (SCC) 13-7
141 – Cole Kachmar (SCC) WBF over Jeomar Banda (SRJC) in 2:47
149 – Joe Kachmar (SCC) WBF over Nik Oba (SRJC) in :45
157 – Hunter LaRue (SCC) Dec. Greg Ewert (SRJC) 8-1
165 – Rigo Yepez (SCC) WBF over Bing Westbrook (SRJC) in 1:59
174 – Sam Justo (SCC) Wins by forfeit
184 – Aidan Elko (SCC) Dec. Bobby Mello (SRJC) 6-3
197 – Steve Karas (SCC) Dec. Jordan Monroe (SRJC) 5-3 (OT)
285 – Javante Gregoire (SRJC) wins by forfeit
Final Score: SCC 39 SRJC 9

SCC vs. Lassen
125 – Trey Walters (L) WBF over Aman Rana (S) in 1:38
133 – Dylan Duncan (S) tech-fall over Walter Gudiel (L) 22-5 in 5:46
141 – Raul Ortiz (S) wins by forfeit
149 – Logan Garcia (L) WBF over Dan Karas (S) in 4:19
157 – Manny Curry (S) Dec. Gabe DeHaro (L) 5-3
165 – Alex Thornburg (S) WBF over Christian Richer (L) in 4:27
174 – Chase Miles (S) WBF over Tyler Moore (L) in 3:58
184 – Russell Rucklos (L) WBF over Hayden Elias (S) in 2:21
197 – Steve Karas (S) dec. Randy Nemendez (L) 6-4 (OT)
285 – Aidan Elko (S) wins by forfeit
Final Score: SCC 35 Lassen 18

SRJC vs. Delta
125 – Preston Bagan (S) wins by forfeit
133 – Owen Jones (S) WBF over Jacob Sasaki (D) in :46
141 – Jeomar Banda (S) WBF over Nick Mascardo (D) in 1:52
149 – Nik Oba (S) wins by forfeit
157 – Greg Ewert (S) wins by forfeit
165 – Darin Chick (D) WBF over Bing Westbrook (S) in 1:36
174 – Jamaal Starks (D) wins by forfeit
184 – Bobby Mello (S) WBF over Wyatt Abresy (D) in 1:48
197 – Jordan Monroe (S) MD over Octavio Ruelas (D) 15-1
285 – Javante Gregoire (S) WBF over Ron Mendoza (D) in 1:01
FInal Score SRJC 37 Delta 12

SRJC vs. Lassen
125 – Trey Walters (L) dec. Preston Bagan (S) 8-6
133 – Owen Jones (S) MD over Walter Gudiel (L) 23-13
141 – Jeomar Banda (S) wins by forfeit
149 – Logan Garcia (L) WBF over Nik Oba (S) in 2:12
157 – Gabe DeHaro (L) dec. Greb Ewert (S) 2-0
165 – Christian Richer (L) MD over Bing Westbrook (S) 13-5
174 – Tyler Moore (L) wins by forfeit
184 – Russell Rucklos (L) MD Bobby Mello (S) 14-1
197 – Jordan Monroe (S) dec. Randy Nemendez (L) 4-2
285 – Javante Gregoire (S) wins by forfeit
Final Score: Lassen 26 Santa Rosa 19

Lassen vs. Delta
125 – Trey Walters (L) wins by forfeit
133 – Walter Gudiel (L) WBF over Jacob Sasaki (D) in 4:13
141 – Nick Mascardo (D) wins by forfeit
149 – Logan Garcia (L) wins by forfeit
157 – Gabe DeHaro (L) wins by forfeit
165 – Darin Chick (D) WBF over Christian Richer (L) in 1:22
174 – Tyler Moore (L) WBF over Jamaal Starks (D) in 1:26
184 – Russell Rucklos (L) WBF over Wyatt Abrecey (D) in 1:26
197 – Randy Nemendez (L) WBF over Octavio Ruelas (D) in 4:16
285 – Ron Mendoza (D) Wins by forfeit
Final Score Lassen 42 Delta 18