Aj Cress, wrestling at 174 lbs for Chabot College, has been named the Tech-Fall California Community College Wrestler of the Week. Cress was the 174 Champion at the KLS Air Express Invitational and was named the Outstanding Wrestler. Aj finished the day with an overtime victory over Sacramento City’s Abel Garcia.

Cress attended Antioch HS in California, graduating in 2010. He is Coached by Steve Siroy.


Sacramento City and Mt. San Antonio College hosted tournaments on Sept 16th as the California Community College Season got into full swing for the 2017 season.

Sac City hosted the KLS Air Express Invitational. This is an individual tournament and the results are posted here https://caccwrestling.wordpress.com/results/individual-tournament-results/2017-kls-air-express-inviational/

A J Cress wrestling at 174 for Chabot was named the Outstanding Wrestler and Fresno City won the Team Title.

Mt SAC hosted a dual team tournament featuring Cerritos, West Hills, Palomar and Mt Sac.

Results are posted here https://caccwrestling.wordpress.com/results/dual-team-tournaments/2017-mt-sac-duals-results/

CACC Week 1 Results

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Half the CACC teams competed this weekend in duals action. Bakersfield hosted their annual dual team tournament while Chabot hosted a set of dual meets. Results for the Bakersfield duals are posted at https://caccwrestling.wordpress.com/results/dual-team-tournaments/2017-bakersfield-duals-results/ while score sheets for the duals in Hayward are posted at https://caccwrestling.wordpress.com/2017-dual-results-september/

Perennial powerhouse Sacramento City College has announced their 2017 wrestling schedule. Head Coach Dave Pacheco and his solid coaching staff host the early season favorite KLS Air Express Invitational on Saturday September 16th.


Sept 16 Saturday KLS AIR EXPRESS Invitational SCC 9:00 AM

Sept 23 Saturday West Hills Tournament Lemoore 9:00 AM

Sept 30 Saturday Santa Ana Tournament Santa Ana 9:00 AM

Oct 7 Saturday Modesto Tournament Modesto 9:00 AM

Oct 11 Wednesday Lassen College * SCC 7:00PM

Oct 14 Saturday North Duals  Tournament Santa Rosa 10:00 AM

Oct 18 Wednesday Delta College * Delta 7:00 PM

Oct 21 Saturday Meathead Movers Tournament Cuesta 9:00 AM

Oct 26 Thursday Shasta College * SCC 7:00 PM

Oct 28 Saturday Lassen Duals Susanville 9:00 AM

Nov 1 Wednesday Sierra College* Sierra 7:00 PM

Nov 4 Saturday Bill Musick Open Tournament Fresno 9:00 AM

Nov 9 Thursday Simpson College SCC 7:00 PM

Nov 11 Saturday CCC vs NJCAA Duals Redding 9:00 AM

Nov 17 Friday TBA 18 Saturday State Dual Championship TBA TBA

Dec 2 Saturday North Region Susanville 10:00 AM

Dec 8 Friday State Championship TBA 10:00 AM

Dec 9 Saturday State Championship TBA 10:00 AM

* BIG 8 Conference Dual

Head Coach: David Pacheco – (916) 558-2435 pachecd@scc.losrios.edu

Associate Head Coach: Walter Ulrich – (916) 558-2435 ulrichw@scc.losrios.edu

Assistant Coaches:  Lawrence Saenz, Todd Dilbeck, Martin Steiner and Kevin Tao

2016 California Community College Wrestling State Championships

Weight Class 125
Finalist – Julian Gaytan of Fresno City
Finalist – Landon McBride of Sierra
3rd Place – Norberto Buenrostro of Cerritos
4th Place – Morgan Sauseda of Sacramento City
5th Place – Pedro Sarabia of Bakersfield
6th Place – Elijah Diaz of Mt. SAC
7th Place – AJ Rosas of Fresno City
8th Place – Gilbert Martinez of Sierra

Weight Class 133
Finalist – Alberto Garcia of Palomar
Finalist – Jake Schaeffer of Palomar
3rd Place – Aaron Mora of Fresno City
4th Place – Pedro Corono of Bakersfield
5th Place – Adrian Marrufo of West Hills
6th Place – Devon Lyle of Chabot
7th Place – Leif Dominguez of Cuesta
8th Place – Julian Melecio of Mt. SAC

Weight Class 141
Finalist – Casper Sherow of Mt. SAC
Finalist – Kevin Kelly of Mt. SAC
3rd Place – Hunter Minton of Sacramento City
4th Place – Richard Pocock of Cerritos
5th Place – Andrew Gomez of Santa Ana
6th Place – Clinton McAlester of Fresno City
7th Place – Eric Reyes of Palomar
8th Place – Esteban Corona of Bakersfield

Weight Class 149
Finalist – Dylan Martinez of Fresno City
Finalist – Dean Esquibel of Fresno City
3rd Place – Joseph Dominguez of Mt. SAC
4th Place – Chris Kimball of Palomar
5th Place – Wyatt Gerl of Cerritos
6th Place – Alex Aniciente of Lassen
7th Place – Tristan Steinmon of Santa Ana
8th Place – Joshua Caro of Rio Hondo

Weight Class 157
Finalist – Joshua Annis of Fresno City
Finalist – Kevin James of Cerritos
3rd Place – Noor Kathem of Modesto
4th Place – Daniel Larman of Sacramento City
5th Place – Dylan Moreno of Cerritos
6th Place – Nathan Pimentel of West Hills
7th Place – Brandon Tierney of Santa Ana
8th Place – Jessy Diaz of Palomar

Weight Class 165
Finalist – Derek Lee Loy of Sacramento City
Finalist – Ryan Soto of Victor Valley
3rd Place – Arman Fayyazi of Santa Ana
4th Place – Blake Vasquez of Cerritos
5th Place – Kevin Hope of Mt. SAC
6th Place – Andrew Brodland of Sierra
7th Place – Kennith Kirk of Cerritos
8th Place – Ricardo Bribiescas of Skyline

Weight Class 174
Finalist – Alex Garcia of Cuesta
Finalist – Reed South of Mt. SAC
3rd Place – Niko Chapman of Sacramento City
4th Place – Zach Wally of Chabot
5th Place – Jerrin Dean of Fresno City
6th Place – Isaiah Leyva of Cerritos
7th Place – Dupra Goodman of Skyline
8th Place – Stephen Dixon of San Joaquin Delta

Weight Class 184
Finalist – Trevor Wright of Sacramento City
Finalist – Kalan Hastey of Sacramento City
3rd Place – Bruce Valdez of Palomar
4th Place – Barnabus Yi of Mt. SAC
5th Place – Dom Freesha of Fresno City
6th Place – Bryant Vasquez of Cerritos
7th Place – Isaac De La Cruz of Cuesta
8th Place – Ivan Sevilla of West Hills

Weight Class 197
Finalist – Kalvin Stuckey of Fresno City
Finalist – David Vanweems of Cerritos
3rd Place – Wes Ruffer of Lassen
4th Place – Andrew Ramos of Rio Hondo
5th Place – Ben Sira of Chabot
6th Place – Zack Mitchell of Bakersfield
7th Place – Alex Gomez of Palomar
8th Place – Zavion Roberson of Bakersfield

Weight Class 285
Finalist – Chance Eskam of Palomar
Finalist – Bradon Sotomayor of East LA
3rd Place – Tristan Smith of Modesto
4th Place – David Zavala of Cerritos
5th Place – Ramiro Macias of Bakersfield
6th Place – Angel Mariscal of Fresno City
7th Place – Jerrad Kirk of Sacramento City
8th Place – Marco Valdivia of Rio Hondo

2016 CA JC State Finalists

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Wrestling tonight for the California JC State Championship

Weight Class 125
Julian Gaytan of Fresno City vs Landon McBride of Sierra

Weight Class 133
Alberto Garcia of Palomar vs Jake Schaeffer of Palomar

Weight Class 141
Casper Sherow of Mt. SAC vs Kevin Kelly of Mt. SAC

Weight Class 149
Dylan Martinez of Fresno City vs Dean Esquibel of Fresno City

Weight Class 157
Joshua Annis of Fresno City vs Kevin James of Cerritos

Weight Class 165
Derek Lee Loy of Sacramento City vs Ryan Soto of Victor Valley

Weight Class 174
Alex Garcia of Cuesta vs Reed South of Mt. SAC

Weight Class 184
Trevor Wright of Sacramento City vs Kalan Hastey of Sacramento City

Weight Class 197
Kalvin Stuckey of Fresno City vs David Vanweems of Cerritos

Weight Class 285
Chance Eskam of Palomar vs Bradon Sotomayor of East LA

At the start of day 2 – here are the all important semi-final and conso match-ups

Weight Class 125 Semis & 3rd WB (16 Man)
Bout 121 – Semifinal – Norberto Buenrostro (Cerritos) vs. Landon McBride (Sierra)
Bout 122 – Semifinal – Julian Gayton (Fresno City) vs. Morgan Sauseda (Sacramento City)
Bout 123 – Cons. Round 3 – Pedro Sarabia (Bakersfield) vs. AJ Rosas (Fresno City)
Bout 124 – Cons. Round 3 – Elijah Diaz (Mt. SAC) vs. Gilbert Martinez (Sierra)

Weight Class 133 Semis & 3rd WB (16 Man)
Bout 125 – Semifinal – Jake Schaeffer (Palomar) vs. Adrian Marrufo (West Hills)
Bout 126 – Semifinal – Alberto Garcia (Palomar) vs. Devon Lyle (Chabot)
Bout 127 – Cons. Round 3 – Pedro Corono (Bakersfield) vs. Leif Dominguez (Cuesta)
Bout 128 – Cons. Round 3 – Julian Melecio (Mt. SAC) vs. Aaron Mora (Fresno City)

Weight Class 141 Semis & 3rd WB (16 Man)
Bout 129 – Semifinal – Richard Pocock (Cerritos) vs. Casper Sherow (Mt. SAC)
Bout 130 – Semifinal – Kevin Kelly (Mt. SAC) vs. Andrew Gomez (Santa Ana)
Bout 131 – Cons. Round 3 – Esteban Corona (Bakersfield) vs. Clinton McAlester (Fresno City)
Bout 132 – Cons. Round 3 – Hunter Minton (Sacramento City) vs. Eric Reyes (Palomar)

Weight Class 149 Semis & 3rd WB (16 Man)
Bout 133 – Semifinal – Dylan Martinez (Fresno City) vs. Wyatt Gerl (Cerritos)
Bout 134 – Semifinal – Alex Aniciente (Lassen) vs. Dean Esquibel (Fresno City)
Bout 135 – Cons. Round 3 – Tristan Steinmon (Santa Ana) vs. Joseph Dominguez (Mt. SAC)
Bout 136 – Cons. Round 3 – Joshua Caro (Rio Hondo) vs. Chris Kimball (Palomar)

Weight Class 157 Semis & 3rd WB (16 Man)
Bout 137 – Semifinal – Dylan Moreno (Cerritos) vs. Joshua Annis (Fresno City)
Bout 138 – Semifinal – Noor Kathem (Modesto) vs. Kevin James (Cerritos)
Bout 139 – Cons. Round 3 – Daniel Larman (Sacramento City) vs. Brandon Tierney (Santa Ana)
Bout 140 – Cons. Round 3 – Nathan Pimentel (West Hills) vs. Jessy Diaz (Palomar)

Weight Class 165 Semis & 3rd WB (16 Man)
Bout 141 – Semifinal – Derek Lee Loy (Sacramento City) vs. Arman Fayyazi (Santa Ana)
Bout 142 – Semifinal – Ryan Soto (Victor Valley) vs. Kevin Hope (Mt. SAC)
Bout 143 – Cons. Round 3 – Ricardo Bribiescas (Skyline) vs. Andrew Brodland (Sierra)
Bout 144 – Cons. Round 3 – Blake Vasquez (Cerritos) vs. Kennith Kirk (Cerritos)

Weight Class 174 Semis & 3rd WB (16 Man)
Bout 145 – Semifinal – Alex Garcia (Cuesta) vs. Niko Chapman (Sacramento City)
Bout 146 – Semifinal – Zach Wally (Chabot) vs. Reed South (Mt. SAC)
Bout 147 – Cons. Round 3 – Jerrin Dean (Fresno City) vs. Stephen Dixon (San Joaquin Delta)
Bout 148 – Cons. Round 3 – Isaiah Leyva (Cerritos) vs. Dupra Goodman (Skyline)

Weight Class 184 Semis & 3rd WB (16 Man)
Bout 149 – Semifinal – Trevor Wright (Sacramento City) vs. Barnabus Yi (Mt. SAC)
Bout 150 – Semifinal – Bruce Valdez (Palomar) vs. Kalan Hastey (Sacramento City)
Bout 151 – Cons. Round 3 – Isaac De La Cruz (Cuesta) vs. Dom Freesha (Fresno City)
Bout 152 – Cons. Round 3 – Bryant Vasquez (Cerritos) vs. Ivan Sevilla (West Hills)

Weight Class 197 Semis & 3rd WB (16 Man)
Bout 153 – Semifinal – David Vanweems (Cerritos) vs. Wes Ruffer (Lassen)
Bout 154 – Semifinal – Kalvin Stuckey (Fresno City) vs. Andrew Ramos (Rio Hondo)
Bout 155 – Cons. Round 3 – Ben Sira (Chabot) vs. Zavion Roberson (Bakersfield)
Bout 156 – Cons. Round 3 – Alex Gomez (Palomar) vs. Zack Mitchell (Bakersfield)

Weight Class 285 Semis & 3rd WB (16 Man)
Bout 157 – Semifinal – Tristan Smith (Modesto) vs. Bradon Sotomayor (East LA)
Bout 158 – Semifinal – Chance Eskam (Palomar) vs. Angel Mariscal (Fresno City)
Bout 159 – Cons. Round 3 – Ramiro Macias (Bakersfield) vs. Marco Valdivia (Rio Hondo)
Bout 160 – Cons. Round 3 – Jerrad Kirk (Sacramento City) vs. David Zavala (Cerritos)