Sac City Quad Meet Results

2019 California Community College Quad Meet – Sacramento City College (Host) – Santa Rosa Junior College – Lassen College and Delta College

SCC vs. Delta
125 – Mark Guzman (SCC) wins by forfeit
133 – Dylan Duncan (SCC) WBF over Jacob Sasaki (D) in 1:51
141 – Raul Ortiz (SCC) WBF over Trenton Egaldo in 2:57
149 – Joe Kachmar (SCC) wins by forfeit
157 – Hunter LaRue (SCC) wins by forfeit
165 – Darin Chick (D) MD Ricky Mello 11-1
174 – Jamaal Starks (D) WBF over Sam Justo (SCC) in 2:14
184 – Hayden Elias (SCC) WBF over Wyatt Abresy (D) in 4:31
197 – Steven Karas (SCC) tech-fall over Octavio Ruelas (D) 19-4 in 5:22
285 – Ron Mendoza (D) wins by forfeit
Final Score: SCC 41 Delta 16

125 – Jordan Noble (SCC) WBF over Preston Bagan (SRJC) in 1:16
133 – Owen Jones (SRJC) Dec. Trevor Mattox (SCC) 13-7
141 – Cole Kachmar (SCC) WBF over Jeomar Banda (SRJC) in 2:47
149 – Joe Kachmar (SCC) WBF over Nik Oba (SRJC) in :45
157 – Hunter LaRue (SCC) Dec. Greg Ewert (SRJC) 8-1
165 – Rigo Yepez (SCC) WBF over Bing Westbrook (SRJC) in 1:59
174 – Sam Justo (SCC) Wins by forfeit
184 – Aidan Elko (SCC) Dec. Bobby Mello (SRJC) 6-3
197 – Steve Karas (SCC) Dec. Jordan Monroe (SRJC) 5-3 (OT)
285 – Javante Gregoire (SRJC) wins by forfeit
Final Score: SCC 39 SRJC 9

SCC vs. Lassen
125 – Trey Walters (L) WBF over Aman Rana (S) in 1:38
133 – Dylan Duncan (S) tech-fall over Walter Gudiel (L) 22-5 in 5:46
141 – Raul Ortiz (S) wins by forfeit
149 – Logan Garcia (L) WBF over Dan Karas (S) in 4:19
157 – Manny Curry (S) Dec. Gabe DeHaro (L) 5-3
165 – Alex Thornburg (S) WBF over Christian Richer (L) in 4:27
174 – Chase Miles (S) WBF over Tyler Moore (L) in 3:58
184 – Russell Rucklos (L) WBF over Hayden Elias (S) in 2:21
197 – Steve Karas (S) dec. Randy Nemendez (L) 6-4 (OT)
285 – Aidan Elko (S) wins by forfeit
Final Score: SCC 35 Lassen 18

SRJC vs. Delta
125 – Preston Bagan (S) wins by forfeit
133 – Owen Jones (S) WBF over Jacob Sasaki (D) in :46
141 – Jeomar Banda (S) WBF over Nick Mascardo (D) in 1:52
149 – Nik Oba (S) wins by forfeit
157 – Greg Ewert (S) wins by forfeit
165 – Darin Chick (D) WBF over Bing Westbrook (S) in 1:36
174 – Jamaal Starks (D) wins by forfeit
184 – Bobby Mello (S) WBF over Wyatt Abresy (D) in 1:48
197 – Jordan Monroe (S) MD over Octavio Ruelas (D) 15-1
285 – Javante Gregoire (S) WBF over Ron Mendoza (D) in 1:01
FInal Score SRJC 37 Delta 12

SRJC vs. Lassen
125 – Trey Walters (L) dec. Preston Bagan (S) 8-6
133 – Owen Jones (S) MD over Walter Gudiel (L) 23-13
141 – Jeomar Banda (S) wins by forfeit
149 – Logan Garcia (L) WBF over Nik Oba (S) in 2:12
157 – Gabe DeHaro (L) dec. Greb Ewert (S) 2-0
165 – Christian Richer (L) MD over Bing Westbrook (S) 13-5
174 – Tyler Moore (L) wins by forfeit
184 – Russell Rucklos (L) MD Bobby Mello (S) 14-1
197 – Jordan Monroe (S) dec. Randy Nemendez (L) 4-2
285 – Javante Gregoire (S) wins by forfeit
Final Score: Lassen 26 Santa Rosa 19

Lassen vs. Delta
125 – Trey Walters (L) wins by forfeit
133 – Walter Gudiel (L) WBF over Jacob Sasaki (D) in 4:13
141 – Nick Mascardo (D) wins by forfeit
149 – Logan Garcia (L) wins by forfeit
157 – Gabe DeHaro (L) wins by forfeit
165 – Darin Chick (D) WBF over Christian Richer (L) in 1:22
174 – Tyler Moore (L) WBF over Jamaal Starks (D) in 1:26
184 – Russell Rucklos (L) WBF over Wyatt Abrecey (D) in 1:26
197 – Randy Nemendez (L) WBF over Octavio Ruelas (D) in 4:16
285 – Ron Mendoza (D) Wins by forfeit
Final Score Lassen 42 Delta 18

2019 Bill Musick Open Results

BracketsAction Photos

2019 Bill Musick Open
Hosted by Fresno City College

Outstanding Wrestler Josh McMillon Fresno City (157)

Weight Class 125
1. Mario Moreno Fresno City
2. Ramiro Castillo Fresno City
3. Josh Nira Embry-Riddle
4. Jose Lozano Cerritos
5. Jacob Mendoza Menlo College
6. Nick Foster Lassen

Weight Class 133
1. Andres Gonzalez Cerritos
2. Destin Summers Fresno State UNA
3. Louie Bravo Fresno City
4. Jacob Hiller Sacramento City
5. Riley Siason Menlo College
5. Ryan Elgarico Menlo College

Weight Class 141
1. Kyle Parco Fresno State UNA
2. Lawrence Saenz Fresno State
3. Andrew Bloemhof CSUB UNA
4. Anthony Chavez Fresno City
5. Stefano Mckinney Cerritos
6. Logan Blocher Lassen

Weight Class 149
1. Daniel Ruiz Fresno City
2. Chris Gaxiola Fresno City
3. Jacob Peralta CSUB UNA
4. Logan Garcia Lassen
5. V’ante Moore Cerritos
6. Patrick Garcia Simpson

Weight Class 157
1. Josh McMillon Fresno City
2. Jace Luchau Fresno State UNA
3. Abraham Del Toro Fresno City
4. Manny Curry Sacramento City
5. Hunter LaRue Sacramento City
6. Keller Rock UNA

Weight Class 165
1. Matthew Olguin Fresno State UNA
2. Augie Garcia Fresno City
3. Beau Colombini Fresno State
4. Beau Blackham Embry-Riddle
5. Rysan Leong Menlo College
6. Antonio Viorato-Castello Simpson

Weight Class 174
1. Christian Rodriguez Fresno State UNA
2. Arthuro Rivas Fresno City
3. Stone Aguirre Embry-Riddle
4. Ricardo Adame Fresno City
5. Alex Ledesma UNA
6. Bryant Franklin Fresno City

Weight Class 184
1. Daniel Long Fresno City
2. Oliver Myers Embry-Riddle
3. Adrian Chavez CSUB UNA
4. Robert Ochoa Simpson UNA
5. Angel Verduzco Cerritos
6. Hayden Elias Sacramento City

Weight Class 197
1. Isaiah Perez Fresno State
2. Danny Salas Fresno State
3. Jack Kilner Fresno City
4. Afton Silvis Menlo College
5. Hamza Al-Saudi Cerritos
6. Jacob Gonsalves Simpson

Weight Class 285
1. Elder Cruz UNA
2. Matt Johnston Fresno City
3. Jacob Satorio Fresno City
4. Michael Ruiz Csub UNA
5. Garrette Branson Embry-Riddle
6. Armando Barcenas Fresno City

Fresno City Prevails at West Hills Invitational

2019 West Hills Invitational – September 28, 2019
West Hills College, Leemore, California

Fresno City College held off a determined Cerritos College team to win the 2019 West Hills Invitational.

BracketsTeam ScoresPhotos

125 Lbs:
1st: Jonathan Prata, Cerritos
2nd: Ramiro Castillo, Fresno City
3rd: Jose Lozano, Cerritos
4th: Nick Foster, Lassen
5th: Jacob Hiller, Sacramento City
6th: Mario Moreno, Fresno City

133 Lbs:
1st: Jude Miranda, West Hills
2nd: Andres Gonzalez, Cerritos
3rd: Louie Bravo, Fresno City ”
4th: Angel Rosales, Bakersfield
5th: Owen Jones, Santa Rosa
6th: Rainier Colina, Modesto

141 Lbs:
1st: Raul Ortiz, Sacramento City
2nd: Ivan Gomez, Modesto
3rd: Darrien Javier, Mt Sac
4th: Anthony Chavez, Fresno City
5th: Bradley Chirino, Mt Sac
6th: Devin Holman, Modesto

149 Lbs:
1st: Daniel Ruiz, Fresno City
2nd: Chris Gaxiola, Fresno City
3rd: Christian Espinoza, Rio Hondo
4th: Guadalupe Ayon, West Hills
5th: Vante Moore, Cerritos
6th: Isaiah Mora, Cerritos

157 Lbs:
1st: Larry Rodriguez, Cerritos
2nd: Adrian Gonzales, Bakersfield
3rd: Josh McMillon, Fresno City
4th: William Schwertscharf, Modesto
5th: Ray Aranda, Fresno City
6th: Hunter Avila, West Hills

165 Lbs:
1st: Augustine Garcia, Fresno City
2nd: Wetzel Hill, Mt Sac
3rd: Manny Curry, Sacramento City
4th: Anthony Martinez, Santa Rosa
5th: Ryan Ojeda, Sierra
6th: Joey Valdez, Sierra

174 Lbs:
1st: Arthuro Rivas, Fresno City
2nd: Chase Miles, Sacramento City
3rd: Devyn Kreb, Sierra
4th: Cobe Hatcher, Cerritos
5th: Carlos Mejia, Mt Sac
6th: Luke Hanson, UNA

184 Lbs:
1st: Stephen Martin, Skyline
2nd: Daniel Long, Fresno City
3rd: Russell Rucklos, Lassen
4th: Armando Gonzalez, Cerritos
5th: Melad Ayyoub, Mt Sac
6th: Jarrod Nunez, Cerritos

197 Lbs:
1st: Jack Kilner, Fresno City
2nd: Tony Rogers, Lassen
3rd: Hunter Gonzalez, Sierra
4th: Jordan Annis, Bakersfield
5th: Hamza Al-Saudi, Cerritos
6th: Andy Voong, Rio Hondo

285 Lbs:
1st: Armando Barcenas, Fresno City
2nd: Randy Arriaga, Cerritos
3rd: Victor Yakshin, Sierra
4th: Leo Molina, Victor Valley
5th: Jacob Satorio, Fresno City
6th: Auston May, Sierra

College Wrestling Goes Full Tilt This Weekend in California

California Community College Wrestling takes center stage this weekend in California with two outstanding tournaments. Rocking Northern California on Saturday will be the Sac City Tournament at Sacramento City College. The Panthers look to start the 2014 season the way the 2013 season ended – with a tournament team championship. Perennial favorites, Fresno City will be on hand to keep the Panthers from feeling over confident.

Mt. San Antonio College will play host to one of the toughest dual team meets of the season. All the usual suspects will be their knocking heads. Cerritos, Santa Ana, Palomar and West Hills, among others will vie for early season supremacy.

North or South, take your pick. Get out there and see some fantastic wrestling.

Sac City edges Fresno City to win the North Regionals

CCCAA Wrestling Northern California Regional Championships
Hosted by Sierra College, Rocklin, CA


Weight: 125
1st: Arnlfo Olea, Fresno City College
2nd: Dieuminse Dore, Lassen College
3rd: Albert Landeros, Sac City College
4th: Robert Smith, Santa Rosa College
5th: Daniel Nguyen, Chabot College
6th: Joey Vigil, Sierra College

Weight: 133
1st: Brian Ha, Skyline College
2nd: Vincent Hernandez, Fresno City College
3rd: Aaron PenKruger, Santa Rosa College
4th: Anthony Sakaoka, Sac City College
5th: Logan Fore, Santa Rosa College
6th: Brady Howell, Lassen College

Weight: 141
1st: Ali Naser, Fresno City College
2nd: Adrian Gomez, Fresno City College
3rd: Laith Alnassiri, Sac City College
4th: Carson Homuth, Modesto College
5th: Quinn Walker, Sierra College
6th: Kenji Gutierrez, Santa Rosa College

Weight: 149
1st: Martine Sandoval, Fresno City College
2nd: Joseph Ontiveras, Fresno City College
3rd: Will Upson, Sac City College
4th: Monet Goldman, Skyline College
5th: Jacob Pratt, Chabot College
6th: Rogelio Bravo, Delta College

Weight: 157
1st: Taylor Hodel, Sac City College
2nd: Austin Braddock, Fresno City College
3rd: Daniel Larman, Santa Rosa College
4th: Latrell Benjamin, Modesto College
5th: Alex Grijalba, Modesto College
6th: Jeiko Da Silvera, Lassen College
True 6th place Zack Grove, Skyline College

Weight: 165
1st: Desi Rios, Sac City College
2nd: Tyson Kuahine, Sac City College
3rd: Robin Callas, Sierra College
4th: Sabastian Suikowsky, Fresno City College
5th: Dane Burgess, Chabot College
6th: Antoine Lopes, Delta College
True 6th place Kaden Martin, Santa Rosa Junior College

Weight: 174
1st: Kevin Corbett, Fresno City College
2nd: Alex Campos-Chambers, Sac City College
3rd: Jesse McDaniel, Modesto College
4th: Oscar Flores, Sierra College
5th: Isai Guzman, Santa Rosa College
6th: Robert Uhalde, Chabot College

Weight: 184
1st: Thomas Cross, Shasta College
2nd: Allen Emmons, Sac City College
3rd: Ryan Mackey, Modesto College
4th: Kenny Steers, Sac City College
5th: Preston Hill, Fresno City College
6th: Keith Wanger, Sierra College

Weight: 197
1st: Hudson Buck, Sac City College
2nd: Jairo Chavez, Sierra College
3rd: Luke Brewer, Modesto College
4th: Ismael Alvarez, Fresno City College
5th: Jordan Davis, Sierra College
6th: Stephen Wilbert, Lassen College

Weight: 285
1st: Mike Branson, Shasta College
2nd: Travis Smith, Modesto College
3rd: Logan Paxton, Sac City College
4th: Narsico Juarez, Fresno City College
5th: Buddy Barraza, Chabot College
6th: Chris Vasquez, Sierra College

Team Scores

1 187.50 Sac City College
2 180.50 Fresno City College
3 98.50 Modesto College
4 95.00 Sierra College
5 79.50 Santa Rosa College
6 56.50 Chabot College
7 39.00 Shasta College
8 37.00 Lassen College
9 36.50 Skyline College
10 22.50 Delta College

Santa Ana College hosts important CC tournament on 10/5

North Region leaders Fresno City and Sacramento City colleges will take their show on the road, to Santa Ana and mix it up with perennial powerhouses Cerritos, Palomar, Mt Sac, and host Santa Ana in a dual tournament.  Action begins at 9 a.m. Saturday at Santa Ana College.

Fresno City takes Team Title at the Golden Eagle Invitational

Fresno City College out distanced Cerritos College and Sacramento City College to win the Golden Eagle Invitational at West Hills College in Lemoore, CA.  Fresno City had 4 individual champions including lower weight Outstanding Wrestler, Martin Sandoval at 149 lbs.  The upper weight OW was Alex Campos-Chambers of Sacramento City College.

Place Winners and team scores –